Front Steps Project Alexandria DETAILS

WAY TO GO Front Steps ALX families!!! You have contributed approximately $3,000 (and running) to the Goodhart Group's GoFundMe supporting local Alexandria restaurants and feeding front line hospital workers. Your generosity has been overwhelming!


As a photographer I wanted to do something to document what we're all going through during this unprecedented time, when families are quarantined together and people are spending time together in their homes. I became aware of something called The Front Steps Project (or Front Porch Project) that is happening in various places across the country. It’s a way to brighten up people’s days and document our togetherness in this time and I decided I wanted to do this for my community of Alexandria. 

I will photograph your family for free on your front steps, porch, or through your window, maintaining a safe distance at all times. If you have a High School senior, I’ll take a separate shot of them on their own. Ask them to wear their cap and gown if they have one, college spirit wear for where they are going in the fall, or just them on their own. If your kids play a sport, get them to bring out their ball, bat, stick, running shoes etc!

Click here to see the album of families I've already photographed

There is no charge for this service. Pictures will be published and made available to share and/or download for your personal use. 


Once you register I will contact you to and arrange a time to have your photo taken. There is no contact of any sort. Photos will be taken from a minimum of 12 feet away. We will comply with whatever restrictions are in place at the time of the shoot.


If you are an Alexandria resident and would like me to come and take your family porch picture please register here. When I have enough people in a specific area / neighborhood I will let you know what date and time I will be coming!


The main thing is to have FUN! Look as casual and comfortable as possible! This picture should be a snapshot into 'quarantine life' - so come as you are! Be as creative as you like!


With this project the hope is that we can also bring some awareness to some needed causes in our area.  The Goodhart Group is giving back by raising money in order to buy meals for the front line health workers at Alexandria Inova Hospital. All the meals purchased each week come from a different local Alexandria restaurant, thereby also helping to support an Alexandria business. Below is a link to their effort where you can donate.

HELP our local healthcare workers and local Alexandria restaurants


to participate in Alexandria's Front Steps Photo Project