I’m Billy, a sports, portrait and family photographer

You need pictures, I got a camera. Let's go.

I've been taking pictures for as long as I can remember. I started getting serious about photography during college. While at Pace University, I joined the student newspaper, and in addition to being the paper’s Features Editor, I shot several of the concerts we had on campus for the paper. During this time I was also shooting high school football and basketball games for the local newspaper. Fast forward a few (ok, many) years and my love for photography has only grown. Let's connect!

Get to know me

Q: What do you love the most about photography?

I love everything about photography. I love capturing and documenting unique moments in time. I love shooting sports and capturing not only the action during a game, but also the 'quiet' moments and reaction shots that are just as effective in telling the story. I love capturing family and individual portraits because of the joy that it brings people. I love shooting concerts and cityscapes...basically I love it all.

Q: What inspires and motivates you as a photographer?

I am constantly inspired and motivated by all the very talented photographers I have gotten to know and work with on a regular basis. Seeing how these other photographers approach a game or a shoot, and what they 'see' and shoot during the game/session, I find to be very inspirational and motivating.

Q: Do you have any memorable or influential photography experiences?

During the early days of the pandemic I did a project in Alexandria called 'Front Steps Photos' where I went to people's homes and took portraits of their families while they were sitting on their front steps. The project was designed to be snapshot of this crazy moment in time when people were trapped in their homes and to try to capture what life was like during this time. I ended up shooting over 450 families for this project.

Q: How do you approach each photography session to ensure unforgettable results?

My approach is pretty simple. I find that the number one most important thing for a successful photo session is connecting with the client before the session. If we have time beforehand to briefly meet, get to know each other a bit and discuss some of the details of the shoot, better results follow. I want the client to feel comfortable during the shoot and for it to be a stress-free experience.